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Storage Glasgow Needs For Tiny Houses

With the tiny house trend starting to pick up in the UK, Brits are starting to come round to idea that less may very well be more.  63% of people in the UK own the home they live in, but in order to do this they have had to sign up to an ongoing mortgage agreement.  By the terms of this agreement, they have to pay interest on the total amount that their house costs.  Most people in the UK pay between one third and one half of their income towards their home payments, whether this is rent or mortgage payment.  People are starting to realise that they could be much better off financially if they downsize their home and live in a smaller house.  And with services like storage Glasgow, it doesn’t mean giving up everything you own.

storage glasgowDeclutter Your Life With Storage Glasgow

Many people have filled their homes with all kinds of things that they have collected over the years.  Some people are serial hoarders, some just hold onto things unnecessarily, but the fact remains that we have become a nation with all kinds of clutter and junk that frankly we have no need for.  Sometimes people will buy something that they will use once, then put it on a shelf or in a box and never see it again.  A lot of people are realising this, so they are having big clear-outs with truck loads of old things that end up going to the skip.  However, there are always things that we would never part with, like family heirlooms, pictures, art and other sentimental items.  What can be done about these items?  Well, it could be much better to store these items with a storage Glasgow based company.

storage glasgowTiny Homes and Storage Centres

If you are one of the many people in the UK who decided to take the plunge into tiny house living, then you will no doubt have to go through this process of decluttering and sorting all the things you have in your old home. Your new small home will obviously have certain storage restrictions, so if you have items that you don’t need everyday, but you’d quite like to hold on to, storage centres provide the ideal solution.

containerHow Do Storage Facilities Work?

Most storage operate on a monthly rolling basis with no obligation or contract.  You are free to leave at any time, and you also have 24-hour access to your storage locker.  There are several sizes available, ranging from small storage lockers, to full shipping containers, right up to larger warehouse type storage.  If you have a collection of boxes and items that you cannot take to your new home, then a small sized storage locker is an easy and accessible option.  You also have the ability to upsize and downsize your storage at any time, so if you exceed your storage limits, you can always get another unit.  Many also have lighting and even heating inside the units themselves.

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