Princess Hijab

Much like the (in)famous Banksy of England, Princess Hijab is an anonymous Parisian street artist that has been “hijabizing” billboards with black spray paint and markers since 2006. She is about 21-22 years old and has been ruffling feathers of Muslims, seculars, feminists, and critics alike. This Parisian culture jammer is waging war on consumer culture and the over …

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GBM Volume Eleven

Howdy! Fresh new mixtape for your weekend. Check out the tracklist after the jump. Anyone in LA needs to be going to Grand Performances at California plaza featuring The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble (Flying Lotus + many more). Then, go check out the Renegade Craft Fair at LA Historic Park on Sat and Sun.

GBM Volume Ten

Whoa…it’s been a while huh. Guess that’s what happens when your boss quits and leaves you picking up the slack. But that’s neither here nor there. MIXTAPE TIME! This one’s a very dancy, summery mix that should get you grooving into the 4th of July holiday. Check the tracklist after the jump:

GBM Volume Eight – The Ocho

Awwwwww yeah. Mixtape’s here! I was trying to push this thing out Thursday night for Friday delivery, but it didn’t feel right – you can’t rush these things. So here you go. A little late, but I’m happy with it and really, that’s all that matters. Check the tracklist after the cut: