Croydon PCR Test: What You Should know For Travelling

With travel rules constantly changing to align with the current covid-19 state in the UK, it can be difficult to keep up. As the UK government recently set out a plan to ‘live with covid’ there has been changes to testing and travel guidance that everyone should be aware of in time for the summer. With plans in place to scrap free lateral flows and PCR’s, it is important to know where you can purchase your PCR tests if they are required.

 What Are The Current Testing Rules?


Recently, the government has made changes to the use of covid-19 tests. The Prime Minister has informed the UK that people who test positive on a lateral flow, no longer have to confirm the result with a PCR. In addition, if you test positive and/or feel symptomatic, you are no longer legally required to self-isolate and instead are encouraged to stay at home as you may be infectious for up to 10 days.


What Are The Current Travel Testing Rules?


The travel guidelines look different for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers, it is important to know which steps you are required to take before and after you travel.




·      MUST complete a passenger locator form

·       Must complete a passenger locator form

·       DO NOT need to take any covid travel tests before or after travelling to UK

·       MUST take a travel test within 2 days before travelling

·       DO NOT need to quarantine

·       MUST pay for a PCR to be taken after arrival

·       MUST be able to prove vaccinated status

·       MUST provide PCR booking reference within locator form

Where To Get A PCR Test?

When you require a Croydon PCR test, you have options of where to obtain this from. You should buy your PCR test from a private provider/manufacturer that has been approved by the government, which means it will qualify for travelling purposes.


You can look online and often you will have the option to book a walk-in centre appointment, a drive-through appointment or order a home testing kit to be delivered to your door. It is important to know that your home test kit has to be sent back to a lab to be examined in order for results to be obtained. Your result waiting time will depend on which type of test you buy.


What Are The Different Types Of PCR Tests?


  • Next Day RT-PCR Test – results given by 23:59 the next day
  • Day 2 RT-PCR Test – results given by 23:59 the next day (for unvaccinated travellers arriving in the UK)
  • 12-14HR RT-PCR Test – results in 12-14 hours
  • Express RT-PCR Test – results in 1-3 hours



With paid PCR tests required for travelling for unvaccinated passengers, there are many options to choose from online. As the government is planning to scrap free PCRs for UK residents, it is vital that when buying from a provider, that it is legit, and government approved. It is also your responsibility to ensure you choose the correct PCR that will give you back results in the time frame that you need them.

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