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Causes of hormonal imbalance in women

You notice that you have put on some weight, your skin is breaking out, and your emotions are over the moon. You find no apparent reason for such changes, and these are not normal. Of course, you will freak out but know that this is a normal reaction to a natural change.

What should you do? 

It can seem like a simple answer to look for causes and solutions yourself. Take it from an online article: Do not google your symptoms. WebMd and WikiHow are not qualified to answer a physicians questions. Go to an expert who is official, go to your doctor. Your doctor will likely suggest a hormone test for women

Humans have an instinct that allows them to feel something is wrong. Hormonal changes are the most typical reason for unexplainable weight changes, skin breaking, and mood swings.

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What could be the reasons?

Every symptom has its causes. What could trigger your irregular hormones? There is no one answer to this question. 

Here is a list of problems that can directly or indirectly mess up your hormones. Let’s take a look,

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS tops the list due to its prevalence. A syndrome means it is a combination of many diseases. For example, in PCOS, we find ovarian cysts, chin hair, male pattern baldness, diabetes, acne, obesity, and infertility. 

All these conditions are interrelated. One can lead to another. However, all of them are devastating for the person. The ovarian cysts can secrete hormones that beget hormonal malfunction. 

Hormone tests for women can conveniently detect PCOS. Nevertheless, you will need an ultrasound for confirmation.


Your hormonal disturbance can be an indicator of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a normal physiologic process. You need sufficient hormones to accommodate a fetus in your body, hence mood swings. It is a temporary state; the hormones revert to normal once the baby is born. 

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Another natural phenomenon prominently in older women. Menopause is simply the decline of sexual hormones, mainly estrogens. Significant symptoms of menopause include hot flashes, bone pain, muscle aches, and many more. It is an inevitable condition all women face in their lifetime. 


Lactation often involves hormonal changes. For example, the oxytocin surge which ejects the milk also prevents ovulation in the ovaries. This process makes it a natural contraceptive. 


Improper eating and dieting can drastically alter hormones. Mainly, it decreases them to the point there is no hormonal function. Overnutrition, on the other hand, influences production. For example, if you are overeating sweets, it will increase insulin in your blood. Therefore, it puts you at risk for diabetes.

Radiation and chemotherapy 

Chemicals and radiation are lifesavers. But, at the same time, it puts you at risk of other harm. Chemotherapy destroys not only cancer cells but also the adjacent cells. In addition, chemotherapy can destroy the normal hormone-producing cells leading to little or no hormone. 


A constant state of stress can do so much damage to your body. Stress is directly associated with cortisol production. You can think of cortisol as a destructing hormone. It decreases health and causes diabetes as a result. 

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Final thoughts 

Some of these reasons are natural, therefore, unpreventable. However, you can control other factors like stress and eating. Make your health a priority to live a healthy life, not a long one. 

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