Ruby Jewel’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

True Story: When Curt got home from work a couple hours ago, I was going through my daily reads and happened to be in the middle of Happy Lady’s post about Ruby Jewel. There was a giant image of an ice cream sandwich in the middle of the screen and, naturally, that caught his attention. (Who doesn’t love an ice cream sandwich, amiright?) A little research and… yes! Looks like they’re available at the Whole Foods right down the street. So after we polished off our salmon Curt jumped in his car and hightailed it to Whole Foods. He returned with two “chubs”- the classic chocolate chip cookie/vanilla bean ice cream combo. They were in our very happy tummies in about 15 seconds. Ruby Jewel’s treats are all natural and absolutely divine… plus it’s a green company, and that’s cool.

Oh, did I mention that Curt did the dishes when he got home? I have the best husband.

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