Happy Groundhog Day

Here in sunny Los Angeles, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about those extra six weeks of winter. Which is a good thing, because I get really cranky when it’s cold. print by amberalexander on Etsy


Charles Krafft

This is a very interesting and down to earth interview with Charles Krafft, the creator of Disasterware: “blue and white commemorative ceramics informed by violence, politics, and natural catastrophies.”


Gettin’ Cozy

I’m totally digging these cozy MacBook cases by Davey Sommers of the Chicago art collective, The Post Family, even if you may never need a laptop again now that the iPad is on the loose. You can grab a laptop sweater for yourself for $20 at their shop alo ...


Bear Hug

Awww, aren’t they adorable? Such a sweet (and appropriate!) gift… maybe for Valentine’s Day? Or my birthday? Or your birthday? Sweetie? poppytalkhandmade via Aesthetic Outburst


Pretty Cuppa

In college I managed a small coffee shop on campus. We did everything the old-fashioned way, none of those fully-automated machines like they have at *ahem* starbucks *cough*. This is a really beautiful video about the art of good espresso. The Mr. and I ...


Dollhouse-inspired Photo Shoot

I’m a big fan of Steep Street Photography. Kelty is crazy-talented and she approaches her work with such obvious passion. Check out this recent photo shoot: Pretty rad, no? Take a peek at the Steep Street blog for more.


Green House

I’m completely in love with this amazing living wall in the East Village home of Matthew and Emma McGregor-Mento. This apartment was featured over on Re-nest (eco Apartment Therapy) back in May. This couple has totally maximized their 650 sq/ft. pad with ...


Takashi Amano

Throughout high school I had fish tanks and even worked at a fish store for a while. I had a pretty sweet setup, but nothing like these amazing aquascapes by Takashi Amano, a Japanese photographer, designer and Aquarist. “Takashi Amano is one of the mo ...


In Review

So 2009 has come to a close. I’ve been blessed with a prosperous and exciting year, but I know its been tough for a lot of people. At least it looks like 2010 is showing signs of life. One thing that keeps me from falling into the post-Christmas blues is ...