Well Punxsutawney Phil may be predicting extra winter for the rest of the country, but Speedy De Tortuga (our no longer hibernating tortoise) begs to differ for SoCal. 80′s last weekend. Rain and sun this weekend. Spring is a-comin’. Woo! Cruised over to ...


Frisky Ficus

Made the monthly pilgrimage to the big blue box – IKEA. I’ve been eying some of their houseplants for for quite some time and Monday was the day we finally pulled the trigger. It was a little bit of a struggle getting the Ficus Lyrata home with four peopl ...


Helvetica Cookies!

Curt’s love for the “perfect font” and my love for baking, combined in an oh-so-delicious way: Artist Beverly Hsu made these cookie cutters just for fun, but I hope she starts selling them! Found via Goldteef.


Relleno de Mono’s Monsters

I forget how I stumbled across the work of Relleno de Mono, but these silly monsters imposed into old photographs are just hilarious. See more after the jump, and don’t forget to check out the entire Flickr set here.


Go Shaun Go!

USA! USA! USA! Today was a good day for the good ‘ol Team USofA. Most of all, SoCal native and X-games superstar Shaun White repeated his golden Torino performance. In my eyes White is a freak in snowboarding like Michael Phelps is in swimming. In every ...


Photographer Guido Mocafico

Want a masterfully shot photo of something cool on a deep black backdrop? Parisian shutterbug Guido Mocafico is your man! Guido works regularly for international magazines such as Numèro, Vogue, V Mag, The Face, Harper’s Bazaar, and Wallpaper. He also sho ...


Glam for your Gams

Supa Dupa sweet legwear by French design studio m + o. The collection is called Les Queues de Sardines. Love it! Each style is a limited edition, and they ain’t cheap: about 50 euros a pop. But a girl can dream… Here’s where to buy. Which pair would ...


Wizard Smoke by Salazar

This is a pretty awesome skateboard short film by the motion picture collective Salazar based out of Vancouver. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_au4mUq56c


Alfalfa’s Handywork

Uruguayan street artist and muralist Nicolás Sanchez aka Alfalfa was commissioned to bring some pizazz to the “El Viajero Hostel” near Punta del Este, Uruguay See more of this beautiful little building after the jump found via The Strange Attractor


New Work By Tyson Anthony Roberts

I got an email today from painter Tyson Anthony Roberts showing off some of his newest works. His work has been getting a little airier and drippy. For some reason this recent set of paintings remind me of Keith Haring’s work – it’s probably the thick ...