MPC MVP – AraabMuzik

Sorry it’s only been tumbleweeds around here all winter. I’ve been really uninspired lately, and have been using up most of my creative juices at work. But AraabMuzik deserves a post. I’ve tweeted about the cat before, but I happened to show some co-workers a AraabMuzik video today and figured I would share it here too. Quick wiki rundown. Abraham Orellana, better known as AraabMuzik is a hip hop producer with superhuman MPC skillz. A MPC is a touch triggered drum machine that deploys sound “samples” like a snare drum clap when hit. AraabMusik’s ability to compose and preform such complex and rhythmic beats is surreal.

Even if you’re not into hip hop you can appreciate the sheer technical skill, dexterity, and lightning fast composition in the video below.

Check out his studio album over on Amazon or Spotify.
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