The Future of Technology Will Be In Your Eye

A company called Mojo Vision has been working away over the past 5 years in relative secrecy, and it has only been until recently that they have decided to share what they have been up to.

Plans for the world’s first smart contact lens, which Mojo Vision has been building, may not hit shelves for another few years, but it has got a lot of people excited about the future of wearable technology.

The Apple Watch, the Oculus Rift and Fitbits have all proven the wearable technology sector of the tech market.

And now Mojo Vision wants to advance this area even further by taking away the screens that we stare at all day.

The company has been founded by some industry veterans from big tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft, and their mission is to reduce our reliance on screens.

Instead of having to look at your phone when you have a notification, this technology will allow you to simply glance towards one corner of your eye to find out what the message is instantly.

They say their focus is on discreet technology that doesn’t alter human behaviour so much so that it becomes a distraction.

Although this is an exciting prospect, the contact lens from Mojo Vision is still very much in the development stage, and this kind of project is not without its issues.

To pack in all the correct sensors and a tiny display all on something no bigger than your pinkie finger nail is a monumental task.

The current prototype only has display functionality, as the sensors that will be controlled by the eye still needs to be perfected and integrated into the design.

It is also currently powered by an external wrist band, which also handles the processing tasks.

While it may be a while away, this is still very exciting for the technology world.

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