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Why ADAM SDTM Data Mapping Is Helping Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus has really shaken up our world and the way we live our day to lives.  It has changed everyday life so much so that there are millions of people that have contracted the virus, hundreds of thousands of deaths due to coronavirus and major disruption to almost every single person on the planet.  If there was ever a time where you should be worried about a global pandemic, it is now more than ever.  The race for a cure and a vaccine is now on, and we want to tell readers about how ADAM SDTM data mapping software is helping speed up this process.

adam sdtm

ADAM SDTM Is Speeding Up The Vaccine Race

The importance of technology in solving this crisis cannot be underestimated, and it is already playing a vital role in solving the crisis.  ADAM SDTM data mapping software is special software that helps pharmaceutical companies speed up the process of getting a medicine approved by regulatory bodies.  All medicine including vaccines must go 4 stages of clinical testing, and the results of this testing must all be logged so that the regulatory bodies can scrutinise the safety and effectiveness of the drug.  This testing period often takes years, sometimes up to 15 years if the drug is very complex of needs special test subjects.

adam sdtm

Technology and Corona

This special software is helping to speed up the process of clinical testing by making it fast and easy to log of the necessary data in the files that are sent off for examination.  This is one example of how technology is being utilised to fight the spread of corona and get a vaccine that could save millions of lives.  There are also other big data companies that are pitching in to help out, as well as software companies like Google and tech giants like Apple.  Even Tesla’s Elon Musk is utilising his factory in the USA to manufacture much needed ventilators for countries all around the world.

adam sdtmGoogle and Apple’s Tracking Software

Google and Apple are rolling out a new way of tracking the spread of the virus via mobile phones.  The service is completely opt in, however it could be the most revolutionary way to monitor the spread of the virus.  Thanks to cellular networks, mobile phone users can tell their phone when they contracted the virus, which will then notify anyone that was in close proximity with you while you were potentially contagious.


Not A Serious Issue

People 6 months ago were making light of the situation, saying that it would become a global issue and it would most likely stay localised to areas of China where is was original started.  Even world leaders like Donald Trump seemed to think that the Coronavirus was no big deal, and were passing it off as a small matter that would not be life threatening.  These people were absolutely wrong about their presumption that this pandemic would not be life threatening to other countries outside China.

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