Now that our new place has a yard, I’ve got a way to get my green thumb on. House plants are fine, but they just don’t cut it. If you’ve seen our wedding pics or spent any time on this blog, you know we’ve got a thing for succulents. So two weeks into our place I’ve already brought the succ to the backyard.

This vintage hardwood dresser was abandoned in the garage and I knew right away I could do something cool with it. Check out the process after the jump:

First off, I drilled a bunch of drainage holes in each drawer. Succulents hate sitting in soggy soil. After that, I sectioned off the drawers so I wouldn’t need to fill the entire drawer with dirt, which meant putting in concrete garden edgers from Home Depot and some spare bricks we had out back. As I moved up from the bottom to top drawer the bricks got closer and closer to the front of the drawer.

Project Costs:

  • – Dresser = Free
  • – 3 Bags of Cactus & Palm mix ~$15
  • – 6 Edgers (should have gotten 9) ~$12
  • – Succulents ~$55

Total ~$82 but I could have easily done it for under $70 if I was more patient about some of the succulents. Target and Walmart always have pretty cheap arrangements I can break up, but I didn’t feel like making the trek.

Most of the big succulents came from Costco. 3 half-gallon plants for $12.95! YOU CANNOT BEAT THAT! Between plants for me and my mom, I think I’ve singlehandedly cleaned out half of the Sherman Oaks Costco’s inventory (BTW this is the only Costco I’ve ever seen sell succulents). So cheap. I bought a few more little succs at the local OSH, only because I didn’t want to wait around for a better deal elsewhere or get cuttings from my mom in OC. And then I may have “borrowed” a few cuttings from the sorely neglected landscaping of the apartment complex next door as fillers. Anyway, it turned out amazing! If I do say so myself.

Here are a couple more sneak peaks around the backyard of the ol’ Bear Cave 2.0. My plan is to have it really tricked out by the 4th of July. We’ll see what shakes out. There isn’t enough indoor wall space for the painted picture frames from the old bedroom, so they made their way to the backyard and add immediate visual pow!

There’s no irrigation system and a bunch of funky dead stumps strewn about, but in the wise words of Tim Gunn, I’ll “make it work”.

– Curt