Succ it Up.

Here at the Bear Cave (meaning our apartment… yeah, just roll with it), we love succulents. LOVE them. (See: My wedding bouquet. Actually, pretty much our whole wedding.)

So, I was kind of ridiculously excited to see this rad DIY-Vertical-Garden tutorial in Sunset Magazine. (Thanks Erin for the link!)

It actually seems like a fairly simple project. Check it out…

You can buy one of these nifty pre-assembled frames here. Cactus mix soil is available at most home improvement stores.

Arrange the cuttings however you like them, then wait about 6 weeks for the roots to get nice and strong.

Then you can hang the frame vertically. SWEET! And even if you’re thumbs aren’t so green, don’t worry… succulents are tenacious little buggers and just like Gloria Gaynor, they will survive.

Don’t forget to check out Sunset’s step-by-step tutorial for the rest of the details!

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