Grub Crawl (Part III)

Villains Tavern was the third stop on our grub crawl. We felt like a little day drinking was in order, and this rad downtown bar totally fit the bill. It’s got sort of an old-timey, prohibition-era, alchemist vibe. It’s definitely more of a nighttime spot, so the crowds hadn’t arrived yet and we had the bartender AND the shuffleboard table all to ourselves. We killed a couple hours sipping on fancy cocktails and craft beers as the sun set, then planned out our final stop on the Grub Crawl.

Villain’s Tavern
1356 Palmetto St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

(We ended up eating dinner at Baco Mercat, then catching a movie. Baco Mercat was kind of underwhelming, and we were sitting outside in the dark so we didn’t attempt to take any pictures anyway… so we’ll spare you the recap of that meal.)

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