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Grizzly’s Guide To Second Hand Clothes Purchases

So you’re thinking of buying second hand clothes, no problem. There are a few things that may make it a little more difficult. The first thing is where you are getting the clothes from. Do you go to a thrift store, a consignment shop or a yard sale? If you go to a thrift store then you stand a better chance of getting brand new clothes, but if you go to a yard sale or a consignment shop you will probably end up with second hand clothing that is slightly worn or has been outgrown.

Where To Find These Clothes

Some shops will sell second hand clothes at a discount, but these will be pieces of clothes that have either lost their style or color. So it’s always best to try before you buy. Second hand charity shops are another place to look for bargains. You will often find brand new clothes there for less than you would pay at a retail store. It’s always worth asking a lot of questions about the condition of the clothes before you buy them.

One of the downsides to buying second hand clothes is that they don’t get to be used again. If you don’t wash them very well, they can even start to smell really bad. One way to combat this is to recycle the clothing as much as possible. Most charities take textile waste and transform it into organic fertilizers that can be used on your garden. If you compost clothes get really good quality, you will have enough for your own clothes to wear!

Key Tips And Points To Note About Buying These Clothes

There are also a few tips for buying pre-owned clothes. First, check for stains or tears. Any fabric or clothes that have been through a lot of use can lose a lot of their resilience to tear and wear very easily. So, if you buy second-hand you should try to avoid clothes with a lot of character. Some colours look better on certain types of wardrobes than others, so choose carefully.

Once you’ve found some second-hand clothes that you like you should take care of them properly. Washing them by hand can help to extend their life a lot. Don’t wash them in the machine, as that can cause them to lose colour and fibre. You may want to consider ironing some of the clothes, but make sure you have your iron set on the gentle cycle. You may also want to line dry your pre-loved clothes first to make them feel a lot softer. Remember, once you buy a pre-loved clothes it’s going to be a long while before you get to wear it again!

Overall it’s probably better to opt for buying second-hand clothes when you don’t have much money. It will give you a chance to get a better-fitting and fresher looking outfit. The only thing you have to be careful about is making sure that you take good care of them and that they last you for a fairly long time.

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