Earth Day: Poketo’s Upcycled Leather

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Mother Earth, Poketo has launched a line of upcycled leather goods. These beautiful pouches, clutches, wallets, and passport holders are all made from vintage leather sofas that were on their last legs (no pun intended), and they are all completely one-of-a-kind. How cool is that?!

Here’s what the peeps at Poketo had to say about the collection:

“Rescued from the waste stream, every handmade (not manufactured) accessory was made from furniture that was nearing the end of its own lifecycle. With no two alike in color, texture or material origin, every accessory features a different combination of soft, supple, leather fabrics that will never be replicated again.

The line predominantly features shades of cream and brown paired with other earth tones and black leather swatches in a variety of textures. A colorful variant featuring pinks, cool blues, mint greens paired with earth tones (and sometimes metallics) are also available for the more adventurous. Unpredictable as they are delightful, each accessory is a unique statement of sustainable design.

‘Each piece is high in style and low in impact, which make them perfect for a young generation of more conscientious doers and thinkers,’ says Ted Vadakan, Co-Founder of Poketo.”

See some more leather lovelies after the jump:

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