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Succulent Dresser

Now that our new place has a yard, I’ve got a way to get my green thumb on. House plants are fine, but they just don’t cut it. If you’ve seen our wedding pics or spent any time on this blog, you know we’ve got a thing for succulents. So two weeks into our place I’ve already brought the succ to the backyard.

This vintage hardwood dresser was abandoned in the garage and I knew right away I could do something cool with it. Check out the process after the jump:

First off, I drilled a bunch of drainage holes in each drawer. Succulents hate sitting in soggy soil. After that, I sectioned off the drawers so I wouldn’t need to fill the entire drawer with dirt, which meant putting in concrete garden edgers from Home Depot and some spare bricks we had out back. As I moved up from the bottom to top drawer the bricks got closer and closer to the front of the drawer.

Project Costs:
– Dresser = Free
– 3 Bags of Cactus & Palm mix ~$15
– 6 Edgers (should have gotten 9) ~$12
– Succulents ~$55

Total ~$82 but I could have easily done it for under $70 if I was more patient about some of the succulents. Target and Walmart always have pretty cheap arrangements I can break up, but I didn’t feel like making the trek.

Most of the big succulents came from Costco. 3 half-gallon plants for $12.95! YOU CANNOT BEAT THAT! Between plants for me and my mom, I think I’ve singlehandedly cleaned out half of the Sherman Oaks Costco’s inventory (BTW this is the only Costco I’ve ever seen sell succulents). So cheap. I bought a few more little succs at the local OSH, only because I didn’t want to wait around for a better deal elsewhere or get cuttings from my mom in OC. And then I may have “borrowed” a few cuttings from the sorely neglected landscaping of the apartment complex next door as fillers. Anyway, it turned out amazing! If I do say so myself.

Here are a couple more sneak peaks around the backyard of the ol’ Bear Cave 2.0. My plan is to have it really tricked out by the 4th of July. We’ll see what shakes out.

There isn’t enough indoor wall space for the painted picture frames from the old bedroom, so they made their way to the backyard and add immediate visual pow!

There’s no irrigation system and a bunch of funky dead stumps strewn about, but in the wise words of Tim Gunn, I’ll “make it work”.

– Curt

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  1. i’m reading this in a whole new light! kick ass job! love it.

    Comment by jennifer — April 4, 2011 #

  2. wooo!! looks so amazing! kenny still can’t stop talking about how “to-die for” everything was. hahaha! (i agree, obviously)

    Comment by ashley — April 4, 2011 #

  3. ummm…HELLO, that’s amazing. can you make one for me, please?

    seriously though, that’s really impressive– especially for that price! love it.

    Comment by kate hart — April 4, 2011 #

  4. Great idea! I love succulents, too.

    Comment by kristin — April 4, 2011 #

  5. And I was so proud of my my work today on my succulent garden. I potted, graveled,and added a crushed granite path, but you stole the show.

    Comment by Lynn — April 4, 2011 #

  6. This… is fabulous. I have the perfect dresser for it, if only I wasn’t moving soon! Maybe I can find someone in Houston who wants to give this project a shot…

    Comment by Taylor — April 4, 2011 #

  7. I am OBSESSED! It looks amazing. And I agree with the previous commenters–that’s an amazing price. Also GTK about the Sherman Oaks Costco & succulents. Do you ever go to Armstrongs? Well done!

    Comment by Katie @ inkatieswords — April 4, 2011 #

  8. Whoa, this is seriously bad ass!

    Comment by Meagan — April 8, 2011 #

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  11. A great idea for recycling old furniture and a very creative use. My imagination is running wild for other furniture. Got anything Modern for the SPACEHOUSE I caretake. Needs to curve, no straight lines here. thanks elroy

    Comment by Dana Miller — September 12, 2011 #

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  13. Spectacular! I had an almost identical dresser that I gave away years ago. If I only knew then what I know now. :) Great use for this old dresser. Just beautiful and so unexpected!

    Comment by Pepper — November 29, 2011 #

  14. Hi there, I’m sharing this idea with my folks on Flea market Gardening on FB. We love your idea and have been ‘talking about it all day. Thanks for such a neat idea! ~~ Sue

    Comment by Sue Langley — November 30, 2011 #

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  16. WOnderful reuse of found items! Now that it’s been almost a year since you made this, how has it been holding up? Could you tell us if it’s suffered much damage from water or weather, or is it still looking fine? — Michael

    Comment by Michael Arbore — March 6, 2012 #

  17. Absolutely love it, but I wonder how a dresser would hold up in a humid climate? I wonder if there’s something that could be sprayed on it do it would last… Here in SETX it would probably only last one season…

    Comment by Megan G — March 7, 2012 #

  18. […] The dresser is now a cozy garden. The drawers are used to store small plants and flowers and they can be opened at different lengths in order to allow you to see all the items inside. The transformation was very simple and it required only a few minutes that included just taking the dresser outside. IT wan then filled with plant pots and the hard work was done. It’s now a great and very clever display unit for the deck, terrace or any other outdoor area. Adapting furniture is a very nice idea and in this case it was also very simple.{found on grizzlybearmodern}. […]

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  19. hey, did you treat the dresser with anything to keep the rain from ruining it? I’m not worried about ruining it but, I’m afraid a few good rainstorms may deteriote it more quickly or make the drawers fall out. I live in NH so I’d like to get a few seasons out of it! Thanks for the great idea!

    Comment by Heidi — March 29, 2012 #

  20. What a great project. I love all the photos and step by step. So cool!

    Comment by Betti — April 7, 2012 #

  21. Hey Michael! The dresser has held up fairly well considering the fact that it was so old in the first place. However, I really wish we had taken more precautions and reinforced it somehow, as it did start to sag in the middle (especially the bottom drawer) after a pretty big rainstorm a few weeks ago.

    Comment by Jessica — April 8, 2012 #

  22. Hi Heidi! We didn’t treat the wood with anything, but it probably would have been a good idea. The dresser is really old and there is a weird veneer on it, so I’m not really sure what we would have used, but with the winter rains the veneer did start to peel off pretty noticeably. Hopefully we’ll have a free weekend soon when we can try to fix it up!

    Comment by Jessica — April 8, 2012 #

  23. LOVE.

    Comment by AC — April 9, 2012 #

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  27. It looks great, but I’m afraid that it won’t hold up very long. That was a 1930’s wood veneer dresser (a fairly common antique, and worth up to $50-$200 depending on condition). You should expect the hide glue holding the veneer and the dovetail joints on the drawers to give out pretty quickly. I’ve seen what water does to a piece like this, and the warping and decay is pretty fast. It will become a slug and sowbug condo as the moisture seeps under the veneer, and probably won’t last you more than a year or two before it becomes a pile of warped scrap wood. Next time you might want to either coat it with a water seal or exterior paint and put the plants in pots set in the drawers rather than in soil directly on the wood. Better yet, try something made out of plywood with nailed joints, 50’s to early 70’s rather than ’30’s. Late 70’s on you get more cheap chipboard, and that rots faster than the average compost heap!

    Comment by StoneMaven — May 17, 2012 #

  28. I simply love this idea, but I have a couple questions. Shouldn’t you water proof the wooden dresser so that it doesn’t rot away with the elements? Plus what do you do with them in the winter? Wouldn’t they freeze when it get’s cold outside?

    Comment by Jackie — May 21, 2012 #

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  30. Is there a worry about the timber rotting over time? Or did you seal it somehow? Cheers Chris

    Comment by Chris — June 30, 2012 #

  31. I’m all about succulents lately. What a great use of an old dresser to give your yard that “lived in” look. I’m going to have to pin this one. Good job!

    Comment by Susie C — July 12, 2012 #

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