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GBM Volume Thirty One

New month, new mix. We’re heading out to Hawaii for a little R&R, but thought I’d drop this mixtape off before we leave. Hope you’re all doing well and getting pumped for summer. Continue reading…

Grub Crawl (Part III)

Villains Tavern was the third stop on our grub crawl. We felt like a little day drinking was in order, and this rad downtown bar totally fit the bill. It’s got sort of an old-timey, prohibition-era, alchemist vibe. It’s definitely more of a nighttime spot, so the crowds hadn’t arrived yet and we had the bartender AND the shuffleboard table all to ourselves. We killed a couple hours sipping on fancy cocktails and craft beers as the sun set, then planned out our final stop on the Grub Crawl.

Villain’s Tavern
1356 Palmetto St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

(We ended up eating dinner at Baco Mercat, then catching a movie. Baco Mercat was kind of underwhelming, and we were sitting outside in the dark so we didn’t attempt to take any pictures anyway… so we’ll spare you the recap of that meal.)

– Jessica

Grub Crawl (Part II)

After nomming on some incredible tacos at Guisados, we made our way into Downtown LA for a post-lunch sweet treat. If you live in SoCal and haven’t checked out DTLA’s Arts District recently, you’re really missing out. It’s quite literally a diamond in the rough. It’s still got the same industrial feel as the rest of the area, except there’s amazing street art everywhere you look, cool pop-up shops and galleries, amazing loft apartments, and no shortage of great food.

The highlight of the ‘hood, as far as we’re concerned, is The Pie Hole. Sure, there’s always a line out the door at the Wurstkuche across the street, but sausage has had its moment in the spotlight and frankly we always kinda thought it was overrated. It’s all about pie right now. This was actually our third visit to The Pie Hole, but on our second attempt we were met with a “Sorry- Sold Out” sign outside the door… so this was only encounter #2 with the pies. We got three slices to share among the four of us: Mexican Hot Chocolate, Caramel Chocolate Sea Salt Crostata, and best of all, the “Lonely Pie,” which consisted of a rich chocolate ganache layer on top of a thin layer of peanut butter and potato chips (apparently it was created for sad single people to eat on Valentine’s day, and then it was such a hit that they kept making it!).

The dessert pies are undeniably epic, but TPH also offers savory pies if you don’t have a sweet tooth (or if you just don’t want to eat dessert on an empty stomach). I’m told the chicken pot pie and the mac n’ cheese pie are both wonderful. They’ve also got locally roasted organic coffee and espresso if you like a little caffeine kick with your pie.

The Pie Hole
714 Traction Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90013

From daytime dessert to daytime drinking… our next stop was an indoor/outdoor bar with a bit of a Prohibition-era vibe. That’s Part III, coming up!


GBM Volume Thirty

Aaaaaaand were back! Maybe. Kinda. We’ll see. But two posts in one day! Hey now, that’s something. I’ve come with a fresh new mixtape for all y’all. Interestingly enough, it features mostly women. That wasn’t intentional. I guess de ladies are having a moment right now. Check out the the tracklist after the jump. Continue reading…

Grub Crawl (part I)

That’s right. Not a Pub Crawl, a Grub Crawl. Cuz that’s how we roll.

Back in February (yeah, February, I’m a terrible blogger I KNOW), we grabbed a couple friends and set out on a culinary adventure covering parts of East LA and Downtown. The goals were to: a.) eat. a lot. b.) explore parts of L.A. we don’t typically hang out in, and c.) break our friends out of their South Bay bubble on a rare no-kids adventure. We definitely succeeded on all 3 counts, particularly the first one. Early on we dubbed the day “Faturday.”

Our friends Manoj and Alexis appreciate progressive dining almost as much as we do, so we knew they’d be the perfect companions for our inaugural grub crawl (this was the first of many more to come, trust me).

Stop #1 was Guisados, a modern (but super authentic) taqueria in East LA. Based on Jonathan Gold’s glowing review, not to mention the hundreds of others on Yelp, we knew we had to venture over to Boyle Heights and see what all the fuss was about. Let me just, tell you, I LOVE THIS PLACE. We don’t make a habit of driving an hour+ in LA traffic, but ever since the grub crawl I’ve been scheming about how to get back to Guisados.

So here’s what you do when you get there: You get the mini taco sampler. Especially if it’s your first time (but even if it’s not), I can’t imagine a better introduction to all the incredible flavors you’ll find at Guisados. And the handmade tortillas, Oh, the tortillas. So fresh, so soft, slightly thicker than you might expect. They’re the perfect vehicles for tasty braised meats like tinga de pollo, conchinita pibil, and mole poblano. After you select your meats (or seafood or veggies, if that’s your thing), you’ll pick your heat level for certain tacos. Be careful. Their 4 is like a 7 or 8 by white people standards. Even though my spice tolerance has vastly improved in the last 2.5 years of living in LA, I’m still a white girl and my tongue just isn’t designed for that kind of spice assault. I downed so much horchata trying to put out the fire. Or maybe that was just my excuse. That horchata was delicious.

Also, if you check in on foursquare and show the cashier your phone, you get a free cheese quesadilla. If you think that doesn’t really sound special or exciting, well, in most cases you’d be right but in this case you’d be wrong. so wrong.

2100 E Cesar Chavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90033
(323) 264-7201

Our next stop was a mid-day sweet treat in the Arts District of DTLA, so stay tuned!

– Jessica

GBM Volume Twenty-Nine

The days are getting a little longer, the songbirds are back, screw Punxsutawney Phil we’re feeling spring start to bud here in LA. I’ve been a lot more active on Twitter these days so be sure to check out me and the Mrs over there. Here’s a new mix to keep you going through the week. Check the track list and download link after the jump: Continue reading…

Helping the Blind Play Again

Remember the Pepsi Refresh Project? As I recall, Pepsi was going to fund socially conscious projects that people voted on or something like that. Well anyway, it looks like it’s still going in some capacity and The Sound of Football is the beneficiary of some those sugary sweet dollars. Using camera technology developed for the 2010 World Cup to track players in action on the pitch, a team of European technologists(?) have re-purposed the technology to create a navigable soundscape. In the video above this amazing concept allows blind athletes to navigate and play a game of sightless soccer pretty well. The broader applications of such technology could be quite amazing and inspiring.

– Curt

MPC MVP – AraabMuzik

Sorry it’s only been tumbleweeds around here all winter. I’ve been really uninspired lately, and have been using up most of my creative juices at work. But AraabMuzik deserves a post. I’ve tweeted about the cat before, but I happened to show some co-workers a AraabMuzik video today and figured I would share it here too. Quick wiki rundown. Abraham Orellana, better known as AraabMuzik is a hip hop producer with superhuman MPC skillz. A MPC is a touch triggered drum machine that deploys sound “samples” like a snare drum clap when hit. AraabMusik’s ability to compose and preform such complex and rhythmic beats is surreal.

Even if you’re not into hip hop you can appreciate the sheer technical skill, dexterity, and lightning fast composition in the video below.

Check out his studio album over on Amazon or Spotify.

– Curt

GBM Volume Twenty Eight

I hope everyone’s been enjoying the holidays. Here’s a new mix just in time to ring in the New Year. Hate to brag, but SoCal’s been in true form this week with gorgeous mid-70s days. Winter always reminds me why Southern California is awesome. Continue reading…

Little Printer in the New Year

The London based designers, innovators, and all around rad peeps at BERG plan to release the Little Pinter in 2012 to help better bridge the gap between the digital and analogue. This silly little receipt printer turned curated news source, has a lot of deep thinking behind it – particularly around interaction design and trying to break away from the impersonal digital experiences many of us now rely on everyday. Rather than spamming you with updates all day long, this little guy will print out customized reports curating your social media and news at times you deem convenient. In a world jam packed with information, this device seeks to pare down and inject some whimsy into our daily lives.

– Curt

Spotted on Fast Co Design

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