I posted the trailer for this 35 minute short film by Spike Jonze in mid March and Jess and I finally got around to watching “I’m Here” on this lazy Sunday and cinematic weekend. This film is a poignantly beautiful love story between two robots living in contemporary Los Angeles, that celebrates how love and creativity make life so much more fulfilling. So go watch it now! It premiered at this year’s Sundance Festival and is now available to watch for free online, although there are a limited number of screenings allowed per day so check back if it doesn’t load. I don’t think there’s much chance of you not seeing it first try, given that this short has been available for a few weeks now – today’s count was around 1114 when I watched it this afternoon.

– Curt

P.S. Don’t be caught off guard by the age check at the start of the site, there’s no robo-porn involved. The movie is backed by Absolute Vodka and I guess they don’t want “youth” that can’t do math to see this film.