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Acid Girls – Lightworks OFFICIAL VIDEO directed by Steven Ilous
I love the bold colors and retro aesthetic of Patrick Hruby’s screen prints. He’s done typographic work for Urban Outfitters and has an Etsy shop too. See more of his amazing work after the jump: found on Pitch Design Union
This promo video for Evan Hecox’s Incase/Arktip colab is fantastic! I can’t draw for crap, so I love seeing other people make amazing work with their hands – it’s just magical. It was fascinating to see the various pens and brushes he used as well as his deliberate tap and smudge technique. Plus the jazz soundtrack is dope. Hecox’s …
Here at the Bear Cave (meaning our apartment… yeah, just roll with it), we love succulents. LOVE them. (See: My wedding bouquet. Actually, pretty much our whole wedding.) So, I was kind of ridiculously excited to see this rad DIY-Vertical-Garden tutorial in Sunset Magazine. (Thanks Erin for the link!) It actually seems like a fairly simple project. Check it out… You can buy one …
I ran into this beautiful blue and bamboo (blått & bambu) kitchen over on Elle Interiör. It’s all in Swedish, but you can still ogle the pretty pictures – which I pretty much do regardless of the language. Hey, at least now you know what blue is in Swedish: blått – I like that!

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