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I studied at Boston college and met Jessica while we were studying together. We both studied art and design but follow different career paths now. About midway through our terms we both decided to start up or own co-blog and here we are! I like playing Xbox , soccer and hunting out bargains in antique sales in my spare time outside of work.


I’ve liked art and design ever since I was in middle school. Lots of my influences throughout my time in College feature throughout the site and I love getting new posts and ideas from you guys visiting the site! I keep the site updated with regular posts about mine and curt’s progress in redesigning our house.  Outside of the everyday 9-5 I like to stay active by swimming and also paint in my spare time. At the moment we’re saving for a campervan so watch this space!

So that’s a bit about us. You might now be wondering where the connection is between Art college and bears right?  Well Curt has a grandfather who used to play for the Chicago bears. So yeah there is definitely a connection there. Jessica’s family also have a background of camping and moving through different areas and often came across the odd grizzly. You may see a few dotted about the site! Across the site we host a range of different articles, topics and trends.

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