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Welcome to our site! We have a collection of different art, food, music and styles and designs to share with you. We encourage people to contribute to the site and bring in any new ideas or additional posts that they would like to share with us. We started this site several years ago in the hopes of launching a small-time blog. Since then we have kept growing and never looked back.

In some of the latest articles featured on our site, we feature an old dresser and show what can be done with old furniture to enhance your old home and Garden! we love hearing from people from within our online community and from new visitors to the site! All feedback is welcome and can be sent via our contact page.

Our main principles and building blocks for our site are as follows:

Creativity, Shareability, Design, Art , Music And Positivity

For more information on who we are and or background check out our about page

"Art ᛫ Music ᛫ Food ᛫ Design ᛫ Style ᛫ Life"


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Grizzly Bear Modern

Art ᛫ Music ᛫ Food ᛫ Design ᛫ Style ᛫ Life