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DIY São Paulo

Check out this amazing abode built and lived in by Brazilian architect and furniture designer, Pedro Useche. I love the blend of indoor outdoor spaces, custom furniture that’s mid-century inspired with a contemporary twist, and all that art! See the full tour over on Yatzer.

– Curt

spotted on Man Make Home. Photos by Fran Parente.

L.A.’s Prefabs

On more than one occasion, Curt and I have talked quite seriously about the possibility of living in a prefab home. Though they come in many different shapes and sizes, most prefabs tend to share qualities that are important to us: good design, energy efficiency, indoor/outdoor flow, and an appreciation for natural light. So it’s totally rad that L.A. has quite a collection of prefabs… all of the homes in this post are within a 5 mile radius of the Bear Cave! That gives us a lot of hope for making our prefab dream a reality someday.
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805 Coronado Terrace, Echo Park

Through some random Craigslist stumbling, I ran across the real estate listing for this gorgeous revamped Echo Park cabin. Built in 1881, this 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath plus detached guest house is on the market for $720,000 – not cheap, but it does give me hope for finding a rad house someday since homeownership in LA has never looked very promising. Check out the house tour after the jump: Continue reading…

Cubby House

So yeah. We’ve fallen of the grid. That’s what house/apt hunting will do to a couple. Jessica owes you guys some resto reviews from last week’s dineLA. And unless you follow our Twitter feed, it’s news to you that I’ve been on the road for work all week. LA to Phoenix to Denver – weekending it with the fam in Denver + Jess and then Jess back to LA, me off to Miami until Thursday. Woosh! Plus I’ve got a couple of NJ/NYC and Austin trips on the near horizon! Work has been suuuper busy. PLUS we spend every spare minute hunting for a new apartment in Santa Monica. First we were thinking of home ownership, but have taken a pass on that for now.

However, we sure wouldn’t mind moving into a place like Edwards Moore’s Cubby House in Melbourne. I love the clean bold lines in the structure paired with the juxtapositon of the chaotic chip-board built-ins and the tranquil white and glass interior. Plus the current owners have a Frenchie! Oooo that dog is pretty high on our list. Check out more eye candy after the jump: Continue reading…

The Sculptured House

Self-taught architect Charles Deaton has some pretty rad quotes about the Sculptured House he built on Genesee Mountain in Golden Colorado back in 1963:

“People aren’t angular. So why should they live in rectangles?”

“On Genesee Mountain I found a high point of land where I could stand and feel the great reaches of the Earth. I wanted the shape of it to sing an unencumbered song.”

On our way back from the tiny gold rush town of Idaho Springs, CO in search of snow last week (it found us two days later), I spotted this alien looking abode peeking out of the trees in the distance while driving back down I-70. Well, after recreating the drive on Google Street view, triangulating where I saw the curiosity via satellite view, finding the closest street name, and image searching “Sky Hill Dr Modern Golden Colorado,” I found a photo of the white whale I was seeking. Continue reading…

Casa B8 by 56.02 Architects

We haven’t featured a sweet home in a while. So here ya go. This gorgeous minimalist two bedroom pine box can be found on an expanse of rugged Pacific coastline about 170 miles north of Santiago, Chile. The entire house is designed to be exposed to the sea breezes and panoramic ocean view. As with nearly all the drool-worthy homes I find, the indoor outdoor spaces of this home gently and effortlessly blend together like the gulls in flight on the cliffs out front. Peep more stellar shots after the jump: Continue reading…

Wilt’s House

Hi Everyone! We kinda disappeared over the weekend, sorry ’bout that. Blame it on the sugar coma from all that Easter candy. But we do have a few pictures from our weekend and we’ll be sharing those soon. In the meantime, check out this crazy house in Bel Air that once belonged to Wilt Chamberlain. I bet you can guess why I chose this particular picture to put in the post. The Great Danes, obv. The pictures are from the March 24, 1972 issue of Life magazine so they’re not super great but still worth checking out.

– Jessica

Pasadena Bungalows

Yesterday while driving around in Pasadena, we fell in love with all the amazing bungalows and craftsman homes. They’re so charming! We would love to live in one of these, but the commute would be really depressing. So would the sweltering, smoggy summers. But the houses! Oh, the houses.

– Jessica

*image from here.

Mapledene Road House

Platform 5 Architects gave a face lift to this formerly abandoned “crack den” situated on Mapledene Road in the London borough of Hackney.

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